Camden Seventh-day Adventist Church

Welcome Friends, to the web site of the Camden Seventh-day Adventist Church.  We are an evangelistic minded congregation who welcome all visitors.  Please come and visit us and see how God is calling you to join His final movement in these last days of earth's history.
Church Service begins at 11:30 am every Saturday.  We pray your visit may find a congregation full of joy and that you may sense the presence of God with us.  Our Sabbath school now begins  at 10:00am. 

Digital Bulletin for Worship Service (Current Week)
SERMON for the Current Week

Prayer occurs throughout the week and members are especially encouraged to call and pray with one another on Tuesdays. If "secret prayer" is the life of the soul, then community prayer must be the life of the Church!‚Äč

start quoteWe should pray in the family circle, and above all we must not neglect secret prayer, for this is the life of the soul.  It is impossible for the soul to flourish while prayer is neglected.end quote
-- Ellen White

Youth ministries:Juniors and Earliteens can check out Guide Magazine.  Teenagers can check out Insight magazine.